Gorijavolu, South India 

Pope Francis​-calls us to serve the ‘poorest, weakest’ and urges us to offer them hope.

Answer the call of the Gospel:

“hear the cries of the poor”.

Father Marreddy

Fr. Lourdu Marreddy Yeruva is a priest from south India who presently works in the archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas. 
He comes from a rural area in south India where there was no school beyond 5th grade until 1983, there was no electricity in the houses, except a few dim street lights at a long distance.

Now you can make a difference for

these children living in the village of Gorijavolu in South India...


Join us in building the St. Joseph's Home!

  • These are extremely poor families and orphans.
  • They are in need of nutritious food and school supplies.
  • The need a facility with a safe atmosphere to study and eat.

The challenge is, while the children may leave for school when their parents leave for work in the fields each morning, when they return from school their homes cannot provide a proper environment to study and to learn, so their learning is incomplete.

Only through proper education can these young children gain the skills to improve their lives and the lives of their families. 

Current living conditions.  These huts, some made of brick, some of thatch and cardboard, are home for children and families.

Your generous gift will begin the process that leads to the proper atmosphere for learning.

Through knowledge, the children can better their lives and escape poverty.

Father Marreddy, looking at these children's situation has come forward with an idea of constructing “The St. Joseph’s Home” to provide for these kids everything outside school and sleeping hours.

​Gorijavolu is a village, not far from where father grew up.

Their, he gathers thirty children to support them in their living conditions. 

The children only have school up to fifth grade, are from the very poor families or orphans.   They are in need of nutritious food and school supplies.  They need facilities with a safe atmosphere in which to study and eat.  

At home the kids have muddy floors, no lights at all or in some families a dim light for the entire family.     

Fr. Marreddy grew up in a village not far from this one and he understands how to bring these children to a greater future and facilitate their proper learning environment. 

When Fr. Marreddy looks back on his schooling years, he has a great appreciation for the opportunities the nuns had given him and to the other school children apart from their school hours.  The nuns realized that the families do not have electricity facilities for the kids to complete home work or study at home, and their parents are illiterate and therefore unable to help their children study at home.

When there is just one room to stay, cook, eat and sleep for a family of eight to ten, study time is impossible and unrealistic.  So you can help us to provide these children an opportunity for study, nutritious food and healthy play hours at outside of school hours by helping us build The St. Joseph's Home where there will be time to play after school and time to study together before and after the school hours.  

Previously when the kids left school they just went back home to eat and sleep.

This situation had a negative impact on children's education and lives with many dropping out of school before they could complete 5th grade. Families had little awareness of the importance of education, and as a result of crowded, desperately poor living conditions with no place to study, Fr. Marreddy's six older siblings did not attend school beyond the 5th grade. 

The situation started changing in 1983 when nuns and priests who understood the situation started adding classes up to 10th grade. Fr. Marreddy happened to be in the first group to complete this level in that school. From there he answered the call to the priesthood.. He has been a priest for 15 years and has been in the U.S. since 2010. Other students from the school he attended are now settled in various careers stopping the sad cycle of poverty in their own lives.

Meet Fr. Marreddy

...and the children on the village of Gorijavolu, South India

​PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO: Listen to father's own personal story growing up in a small village in India, and how that experience and the love, dedication and ingenuity of the nuns led to his vision for The St. Joseph's Home in the village of Gorijavolu, South India. 

Help Father Marreddy build The St. Joseph's Home in Gorijavolu.

The children there need a safe environment in which to study and learn

with adequate lighting and supervision.

They need a safe environment in which to study and learn with adequate lighting and supervision.




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